Any tea supplier who packs teas in pyramid shaped teabags and calls them silk or silken is stating an untruth, in short they are lying!

In reality the material used is nylon, most of it not biodegradable.

If a tea supplier can deliberately lie about the material they use for their teabags then what does it say about the integrity and quality of the actual tea used? Is it just a ruse to charge the consumer more?

Using full leaf tea or herbal infusions in pyramid shaped bags will not give a strong full bodied infusion. Broken grades (smaller leaf size) can be infused for a shorter period of time and give a quicker and more intense result – that is a reality.

Pyramid teabags may well eventually go the way of other gimmicks – circular teabags, draw string teabags, teabags with holes in it, triangular teabags etc.

We wait with bated breath for the next great new invention thought up by the marketing gurus seeking a sales advantage on the crowded shelves of the supermarkets.

In reality the quality of the tea obtained from the teabag depends on the quality of the tea or herbal infusion inside it.

Elmstock do a pyramid teabag in response to requests from some distributors. Our single estate large leaf pyramid bags are also biodegradable.

However we are adamant that the resultant beverage, while possibly being more subtle, is not as intense (flavour) as regular double chamber paper (unbleached of course) teabags.