While there are many who doubt that climate change is taking place, the reality is that changing weather patterns, particularly around the Indian Ocean rim are causing variations in the flavours of tea.

Tea production in the major tea growing areas of the world had for many years enjoyed distinctive ‘seasons’ during when their flavours were the best and most sought after. For example: pre monsoon teas picked during the dry season as against post monsoon teas picked after the rains in the various tea districts or regions, had distinctively different characteristics and therefore commanded different prices.

With the weather patterns changing and the monsoon season not as predictable as in the past- accompanied by intermittent rains and gusty, stormy weather, the flavour of the teas picked have varied from that of times past.

If we thought that tea growers and tea blenders were exaggerating this issue and being imaginative, one has only to ask the wine growers of Australia – their anecdotal experience is the same!