India is the second largest producer of tea with about 23% of the world’s production.

Again like China most of its production is consumed locally.

The teas from Darjeeling, in the foothills of the Himalaya are known as the champagne of teas and its first flush teas are highly sought after, particularly in Europe.

Assam teas from the Bhramaputra Valley in the North East of the country make up almost half of the tea produced in India.

Assam teas are known for their fine colour and malty flavour. Floods and employee unrest have been an issue recently.

The other tea growing regions are Nilgiri in the south of the country and Kangra in the North.

The Indian word for tea is Chai, which is why it was called Char in Britain.

However the spiced Indian tea (the flavours and ingredients of which vary from region to region) is generally referred to as Masala Chai.