Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Heart Tick, Ethical Partnership, Conservation, UTZ, PETA, Organic Certified, Halal, Kosher, Australian Made, etc. etc.

These are some of the emblems that adorn packages of food and beverages that are sold in supermarkets in Australia.

At the rate they are increasing the sizes of the cartons will have to increase substantially to accommodate all the emblems that Companies attach to their product.

In the very competitive world of supermarkets every slight advantage over your competitor may lead to increased sales, but frankly it is getting ridiculous.

One supplier has even started his own charity/organisation and gave it a name and dubiously trumpets the fact that his company provides amenities and assistance to tea workers that no one else provides!

The reality is that very little benefit goes direct to workers from these schemes, which are controlled and operated in large capital cities many miles away and even continents away from where the workers reside.

While it may contribute to the ‘feel good’ factor all that they generally do is increase prices further.

Buy your teas from reputable and long established companies whose quality ensures that high quality teas are sourced from well run plantations that do not exploit their workers.