Throughout history tea has been accepted as a healthy beverage. It is known to alleviate drowsiness and help and assist concentration – which was certainly an aid to meditating monks in monasteries.

Tea has also been used as a digestive and as a medium to take other herbal medications as well being used in ointments to soothe skin disorders.

At one time tea was said to cure almost every disease, though this might have been the sales pitch of some over zealous tea merchants, some of whom may be still around today!

In a general sense, tea contains polyphenols that act as anti oxidants in the body. These are known to  assist in combating age related diseases.

Scientific studies have also revealed that tea may reduce cholesterol and inhibit the development of some cancer cells.

Tea also contains theanine which reduces mental  stress and aids relaxation.

Some teas, particularly green tea, white tea and Puerh tea are more beneficial than others.