Over 70 per cent of tea drunk in the United States is drunk as iced tea, mainly in the Southern States.

Most regular teas can be drunk iced, and it is certainly a healthy and very refreshing drink, particularly in Summer.

There are a few rules though – use good quality tea. Inferior teas are quickly shown up when iced tea is prepared.

Bright colour, lack of cloudiness, fresh aroma and a distinctive and refreshing flavour should be the product of a good iced tea made with quality tea.

Tea bags and flavoured teas can also be used and herbal infusions specifically made for making iced tea are also used quite extensively. Try to avoid artificial powders however.

To make iced tea:

  • Use 30-50 per cent more tea than is usually used, to make the brew stronger as it usually served in a jug and ice is added which dilutes it further.
  • Brew the tea in the usual way, add sugar (sugar syrup is best) if required, strain into a jug, pot or container and allow it to cool to room temperature.
  • Pour into a jug with a lid and leave it in a refrigerator overnight.
  • Pour the tea into tall glasses or wine glasses, add ice if required, garnish with fresh fruit or mint and serve to your delighted guests.