English breakfast, Irish breakfast, Scottish  breakfast, Melbourne breakfast, Perth breakfast, the  list goes on.

Breakfast teas were originally blended to give a strong brew, usually taken with milk, to complement a hearty English style breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, butter and of course kippers and whatever else the gourmand desired!

In the past,the teas were a blend of malty Assam and/or strong Ceylon teas.

Sadly what passes off or is called English breakfast tea today is often a weak imitation of what it used to be. Very often bad or poor quality tea is used and by calling it English breakfast tea, tea suppliers disguise a poor tea blend behind a generic name.

To make matters worse and even more confusing, other breakfast teas such as Scottish, Melbourne and Perth have now hit the market- no doubt to attract unwitting buyers and perhaps to play on their love for their home town or country.

If the consumer wants a good, strong English or Irish breakfast (stronger and more pungent) tea the best advice is to buy a good premium quality tea or teabag. Maybe a taste test of two or three English breakfast teas will prove the variation of quality and flavour.