Contrary to popular opinion, teabags do not necessarily make a bad cup of tea.

Teabags are here to stay, convenience being their main advantage.

The quality of the tea made by a teabag depends on the QUALITY OF THE TEA IN THE TEA BAG.

The majority of tea bagged teas sold in supermarkets have inferior teas because of price competition.

There has been a recent marketing campaign to promote pyramid style tea bags using larger leaf teas.

However the reality is that large leaf teas do not make a stronger cup of tea and must they must also be infused for at least four minutes.

Studies have shown that the average teabag user only infuses a tea bag for less than a minute.

This is why the more expensive option to use large leaf teas in pyramid teabags will probably eventually go the way of previous tea bag fads – round bags, drawstring bags etc.